martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

My neighborhood...

I live in a building, I live here since I born so really like it!! It's not in the best place because you don't can walk with out stress but It is near the university and this make the things really easy for me. In general is a good place to live, because if you have a car the insecurity is not a problem....there are a supermarket and a church near, so if you need something you can have it!! Also I have a lot of friends and we have space to share and talk, so I am happy to live here!!

What is my rol in my house?

Somedays I take my dog Boris to the vet, Also I pay the bills from tv and phone by internet....On weekend I go with my parents to the supermarket, the sunday I have to cook for all my family...I hate that!! Once a week a have to take out the trash and once a month I have to go to the bank and pay the university...

martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Fashion trends

Braids again with renewed fury. Since the famous Diane Krugger combing braids, 
stars and high society have been given the task of tying the hair in braids in many ways, because it is a casual and romantic style.  

Converse with the 
new design. 

Lenses are also imposed to John Lennon, which are a retro and crazy. There are a range of super cute colors


Colorful dresses. 

jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

¡Think Green!

We must take the initiative to recycle and think green is not just one day. If not all year, There are already institutions and foundations in Maracaibo willing to tell where the places to leave recyclables.

The use of recycled products reduces energy consumption.
You need a large workforce to collect materials suitable for recycling and for classification. A good recycling process is able to generate income. 

Possible reuse as packaging and other containers at home, school or work.

 Recycle. Various companies buy glass, paper, cardboard, plastics and even medical x-rays.

Find out the garbage collection schedule on your street or avenue. If not satisfied, contact the collection company and you make your claim.

Dispose of garbage in sealed bags. Avoid the proliferation of insects, dogs and rodents.

¡You are an agent of change!

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

My Family!


Meet the people in my life
My family:
My Parents are the best in the world.
Sister Fabiola Isabel is fresh and bright, and relaxed.
Brother Richard is a good person, hardworking.
My hero:  is my brother Richard for being a winner, for being my role model, the best brother, son, husband and friend that can exist for me.
Armando is a good person, hard working, charming and respectful. It is friendly and very responsible.
Lyra, is very intelligent, good example and one of my best friends.
Andrea B. My best friend is pretty much my sister grew up together, is very witty.
Friends in My university
Luimar is a good partner and friend has a big heart.
Kristal Is very smart and is  witty.